The moderator can also make the sound directional. This is why after knocking one rabbit down another rabbit quite close by you can often take a shot at another. Apart form his mates weird break dancing, the other rabbit will be blissfully unaware of your presence because the sound of the shot was channelled so specifically to the target.
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h2>Yapi Moderator 1/2 inch unf Suitable for .22LR, 22WMR and also .17HMR. – €55 new. ... Weihrauch HW 97 K.22 Air Rifle , Mint Condition – €400 Pre owned
Sada těsnění HW 100 cal. 4,5 Cena bez DPH: 123,97Kč: Cena s DPH: 150Kč: Podrobnosti: Montáž rychloplnění