Nucleolus: Small dark spot in the nucleus where ribosomes ... cells, always found as a pair. Function as part of the cytoskeleton during cell ... Name That Organelle!
The nucleus is where the DNA is kept and RNA is transcribed. RNA is moved out of the nucleus through the nuclear pores. Proteins needed inside the nucleus are transported in through the nuclear pores. The nucleolus is usually visible as a dark spot in the nucleus, and is the location of ribosome formation.
Nucleolus. It is a sub-organelle in the cell nucleus, which lacks a membrane. Its primary function is to synthesize the cell ribosomes, the organelles used to produce cellular proteins. The cell has about 4 nucleoli. The nucleolus is formed when chromosomes are brought together, just before cell division is initiated.
Living things made up of a single cell are called unicellular organisms, and those made up of many cells are called _____ organisms. Cell have three main parts: the membrane, the _____ , and the cytoplasm with organelles. Plant cells also have a cell wall and specialized organelles called _____.