May 30, 2012 · With a chassis dyno and an engine dyno from SuperFlow now at their disposal, students will learn how to diagnose engine and drivetrain problems as well as test vehicles by looking at a computer screen in addition to diving under the hood of a car.
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Lunati's engine was tested on Dynotech's SuperFlow dyno using a generic set of 1 5/8-inch primary tube headers. The best results were obtained with the stock jetting and 38 degrees total timing, where a peak of 343 corrected horsepower at 6250 rpm was observed. The peak torque output of 356.2 lb-ft occurred at 4250 rpm.
Jun 21, 2010 · In one of the most ambitious Big Dog undertakings ever, Jay and his team are prepping to test a brand new 421-cubic inch Duesenberg head, made by Jim Schneck. Now it's time to put this 350-pound cast iron behemoth on the SuperFlow SF-902 engine dyno and let her rip.