For instance, create a file named mystats.m with a few commands and two functions, fact and perm. The script calculates the permutation of (3,2). x = 3; y = 2; z = perm (x,y) function p = perm (n,r) p = fact (n)*fact (n-r); end function f = fact (n) f = prod (1:n); end. Call the script from the command line.
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A custom method for checking the password: Checks that the password contains at least one number and one character and that it is at least 6 characters long. If the user blurs the field with an invalid value, the input is emptied and gets focus again.
Input File for Custom Annotations. The input file for custom variant annotations requires five columns: Chr, Start, Ref, Alt, and Annotation. Header rows and subannotation columns are optional. The following example shows sample entries for the columns, using the headings Tier for the annotation and Drug_Response for the subannotation.