To perform a CMake build and then print the cache variables: $ cmake -L .. Note that in the above command, I am in the build directory and the CMakeLists.txt is in the parent directory. This command builds as usual and at the end prints the CMake variables and their values.
Nov 05, 2018 · We consider a simple and overarching representation for permutation-invariant functions of sequences (or multiset functions). Our approach, which we call Janossy pooling, expresses a permutation-invariant function as the average of a permutation-sensitive function applied to all reorderings of the input sequence. This allows us to leverage the rich and mature literature on permutation ...
On the one hand, CMake behaviour is strange (checking an empty variable), and on the other hand, Buildroot should not export this variable, even if this is not supposed to be harmful. In the end, I think the right solution would be not to export VERBOSE if not set (remove it from the export list, and export it when defined).